About us

Our passion started with food and cooking, but discovering cooking with fire led us to create Wilderness Grills (formerly Wilderness Kitchens).

Our obsession began cooking steak over wood, but as we explored more and different foods we found endless inspiration and approaches for cooking outdoors, from low and slow smoking to the rolling flames of a wood oven.

After many years experimenting with various BBQs, smokers and ovens we honed down our range to the best appliances in the marketplace.

 We're a purpose not profit driven company, care deeply about the craft and the enjoyment it brings. Our partners are carefully selected and share our values for quality and craftmanship.

What sets us apart is not only our products exceptional craftsmanship but also their ability to seamlessly integrate with the premium quality firewood provided by our sister company, Well Seasoned Wood.

Well Seasoned Wood specialises in restaurant grade firewood, carefully selected to enhance the flavour of your grilled delicacies. The combination of Wilderness Grills' products and Well Seasoned Wood's firewood creates the perfect harmony of smoky, aromatic flavours that will elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights.